Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Cluster of Excellence

Engineering of Advanced Materials

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Cluster of Excellence
Engineering of
Advanced Materials (EAM)

Nägelsbachstrasse 49b
91052 Erlangen, Germany

From Molecules

Transcending Boundaries and Structures

to Materials

Custom-made high-performance materials are revolutionizing the world of electronics, optics, catalysis and lightweight construction. In Erlangen, materials science innovation starts at the atomic level and influences the entire process chain to achieve macroscopically visible results. Video

The Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials – Hierarchical Structure Formation for Functional Devices (EAM) is the only interdisciplinary research collaboration of its type in Germany to focus on the investigation of functional materials and their processing at all length scales. Its research centers on the fundamental and applied aspects of designing and creating novel high-performance materials. Situated at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) it is part of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments.


  • Guest lecture “Insider view on scientific publishing” by Dr. Baptiste Gault

    23. May 2016 Researchers interact with the publishing industry on a daily basis, e.g., when using databases to search for papers for their own research or when trying to get their articles published, yet the internal mechanisms of scientific publishing are usually quite obscure to the scientific community. The... more »

  • Spatenstich für neuen Forschungsbau

    06. May 2016 Bund investiert rund 40 Millionen Euro in das Interdisziplinäre Zentrum für Nanostrukturierte Filme Wissenschaftsminister Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, Bauminister Joachim Herrmann, der Parlamentarische Staatssekretär im Bundesforschungsministerium, Stefan Müller, Bürgermeisterin Dr. Elisabeth Preuß,... more »

  • EBAM 2016

    02. May 2016 The 1st International Conference on Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing EBAM 2016 aimed to discuss specific challenges and opportunities offered by the electron beam. 130 researchers and industrial users from all over the world met from 27th to 29th April 2016 in Nuremberg to accomplish... more »

  • Picture of the month: Fracture properties on the microscale

    02. May 2016 The determination of mechanical properties of small scale systems or thin films is not always straightforward since various size effects play an important role. The fracture properties, which are of great importance considering the lifetime and performance of microsystems, are one of the crucial... more »

  • Friedrich-Löffler-Preis 2016 für EAM Member Doris Segets

    19. April 2016 Die VDI-Gesellschaft Verfahrenstechnik und Chemieingenieurwesen (VDI-GVC) hat am 19.04.2016 der Nachwuchswissenschaftlerin Dr.-Ing. Doris Segets vom Lehrstuhl für Feststoff- und Grenzflächenverfahrenstechnik der FAU, den mit 3.000 Euro dotierten Friedrich-Löffler-Preis 2016... more »

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