Engineering of Advanced Materials

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Graduate School

Graduate School

Advanced Materials and Processes (GS AMP)

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


Cluster of Excellence
Engineering of
Advanced Materials (EAM)

Nägelsbachstrasse 49b
91052 Erlangen, Germany

GS AMP Organization

The GS AMP is consolidated to the Cluster of Excellence EAM. The GS AMP is an interdisciplinary graduate school within the graduate school of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nurnberg. The following faculties are involved in the GS AMP: Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Engineering

The direction of the GS AMP is given by the Speaker of the GS AMP Prof. Dr. Hannsjoerg Freund (Catalytic Reactors and Process Technology; Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering) and the EAM Executive Board.

The Program Director of the GS AMP is Marlene Scheuermeyer. The Program Director supports the EAM Executive Board and implements its decisions. The Program Director is responsible for the organization and implementation of courses and services and administrative issues regarding doctoral programs.

The three representatives of the doctoral researchers are elected by all GS AMP members for one year. They participate in the design of the graduate school program and represent the doctoral researchers vis-a-vis the EAM executive board. They meet approx. every 3 months with the Graduate School Speaker Prof. Dr. Hannsjoerg Freund and Program Director Marlene Scheuermeyer. They can also be invited by the EAM Executive Board to attend one of their meetings to discuss the situation of the doctoral researchers.

Representatives for the year 2017

Graduate School Representatives (from left to right): Andreas Kunzmann, Oliver Langmar, Speaker of the GS AMP Prof. Hannsjoerg Freund, former Program Director GS AMP Ina Viebach, Vinzent Strobel

Andreas Kunzmann (Chair of Physical Chemistry I) Contact
Andreas Kunzmann graduated with a Master of Science in Molecular Nano Science in 2013. Since May 2013 he has been working as a PhD researcher in the group of Prof. Guldi (Chair of Physical Chemistry I). His research is focused on the improvement of dye-sensitized solar cells by tailoring the bandgap of semiconducting materials and exploring new dye molecules. Becoming a representative of the doctoral researchers involved in the graduate school would give him the opportunity to build upon and improve the existing framework of winter schools and conferences for the doctoral students, as well as to further deepen the communication between the students and the EAM executive board.

Oliver Langmar (Chair of Physical Chemistry I) Contact
Oliver graduated from FAU Erlangen in 2013 with a master's degree in Molecular Science. In October 2013 he started his PhD thesis in the group of Prof. Guldi (Chair of Physical Chemistry I). In his research he focuses on the development and characterization of novel photocathodes for p-type dye sensitized solar cells. Becoming a representative of the GS AMP doctoral researchers would give him the chance to further advance the network between graduate school members and contribute to the graduate school program.

Vinzent Strobel (Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering) Contact
Vinzent Strobel studied chemical engineering in Stuttgart and Aachen and joined PD Dr. Haumann's group (Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering - CRT) in summer 2015 for his PhD. He is working on the precise understanding and subsequent mathematical modelling of the reaction and transport phenomena in supported ionic liquid (SILP) catalysis.

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Marlene Scheuermeyer
Program Director
+49 9131 85-20847