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Advanced Materials and Processes (GS AMP)

02. Oktober 2017

Picture of the month: 2D diffusion and growth: Rationalising the wide range of morphologies seen in experiments

Experimental work at EAM has shown that under certain conditions, thin metallic patches with morphologies ranging from fractal to radial can be produced on planar and curved substrates made of glass or polymer. This type of non-equilibrium crystal growth makes use of previously unexplored interactions between reaction components and the interface over which growth occurs. Monte Carlo simulations based on an extension of the diffusion limited aggregation model have been carried out to show how parameters such as surface diffusivity and binding probability can be tuned to obtain a similar range of morphologies as that seen in the experiments.


Bihr, T.; Sadafi, F.-Z.; Seifert, U.; Klupp Taylor, R.; Smith, A.-S.
Radial Growth in 2D Revisited: The Effect of Finite Density, Binding Affinity, Reaction Rates, and Diffusion.
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2016, 1600310.


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